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Zipline® Overland Conveyor by Superior Industries

Zipline® Overland Conveyor

The Zipline® Overland Conveyor is a pre-engineered, modular overland system designed for quick, toolless installations. This overland conveyor is easy to get access to and designed for simple set up. The Zipline® Overland Conveyor can be taken down and relocated with the same ease.

Compared to a spec-by-spec highly engineered system, this unit is a lower cost overland alternative. The Zipline® Overland Conveyor is designed with off-the-shelf components for easy sourcing of replacement idlers, pulleys, and accessories. The modular design allows for easy structural additions in the future.


The Zipline Conveyor is a pre-engineered, modular overland system

No need to worry about sending in a special order to replace an idler. The Zipline Conveyor is designed with off-the-shelf idlers so that you can easily source your replacements. Our standard stock is CEMA C5 35 degree in-line idlers. Just like installation, replacement of idlers is toolless.

The typical industry installation requires you to weld or bolt your overland conveyor together. Our engineers began designing the Zipline® Overland Conveyor with the mission of being toolless in installation requirements for the entire intermediate area between the head and tail sections. This mission resulted in the creation of a new type of fastening system that is structurally sound and reliable, yet is quick and easy to use in the field.

The engineering team eliminated bolts and replaced them where possible with a ‘fixed-pin’ connection. No need to bring out a set of wrenches. The Zipline® Overland Conveyor is set up by hooking each section together, cutting installation time by up to 75%.

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