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Overland Conveyor

Superior’s engineered Overland Conveyors help you eliminate unpredictable costs associated with haul trucks, while providing an environmentally-friendly means to transfer material. Material is transferred much quicker, easier, and more efficiently, all while greatly reducing the amount of time, money, and manpower required.

In addition to cost savings, Overland Conveyors don’t require as much maintenance as truck hauling and have a much smaller impact on the environment. There are fewer items that can break or need repair on a conveyor. Conveyors are powered by electric motors, which means no emissions, less fuel consumption, and less noise. This is good for the environment and helps maintain a good relationship with neighbors as well, making it a win-win situation for everyone.


Replacement parts as soon as possible.

As one of the rare companies that manufactures both conveying equipment and components, we can guarantee that your final product will be furnished to the highest standards. Tried-and-true Superior brand conveyor components are hand picked by our engineers to best fit your application. You can upgrade your pulleys to our Chevron® Pulley design for extended conveyor life and reduced noise pollution. Add an Exterra® Belt Cleaners to improve your material transfer productivity. Our CEMA Rated Idlers feature SpinGuard® Seal technology designed to improve bearing protection and increase idler life.

Our in-house engineering staff custom designs each overland system and its components to match the diverse variables of your application. We will work with you to determine the necessary length and capacity, horsepower needed, and truss or channel frame strength required. When it comes to the length of an Overland Conveyor, there are no limits. We give our engineers room for creativity and innovation so that they can accommodate whatever specifications your application demands.

As a private company, owned by employees and community members, we put our customers first. To drive this home to our employees, customer service (or Customer WOW! as we refer to it internally) is communicated as one of the three pillars of our company. It means every employee — no matter their position — is considered a customer service agent. Ensuring this pillar is strong is how we measure the strength of our business.

Dial +1 (320) 589-7485 for a product support agent.

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