Innovation is the slingshot that catapulted Superior to becoming the #1 conveyor manufacturer in the world for bulk material handling. In 1972, the founder of Superior Industries, Neil Schmidgall, was able to start a new business after building and repairing conveyor equipment and portable plants for his father’s gravel operation. Soon after, other local producers noticed Neil’s advancements and asked for his help. Although he retired in 2004, Neil’s legacy endures. Rather than a smothering approach, he allowed his employees the freedom to be innovative, which has generated designs like the FD Axle, telescopic radial stacking conveyor and FB® Undercarriage

Overcome segregation converns.
  • Overcome stockpile segregation
  • Portable or pit portable models
  • Production rates up to 5,000 TPH
Superior created the industry standard in Portable Radial Stacking Conveyors.
  • Transport mode to stacking mode in a matter of seconds
  • Portable or fixed radial stacking
  • Stackable and track-mounted models
saving you on shipping costs.
  • Pre-engineered or custom overland
  • Fixed or portable conveyors
  • Transport multiple conveyors per load
Tracked Stacker 2018 by Superior Industries
  • Handle up to 1,000 TPH (907 MTPH)
  • Cross-bracing improves stability
  • Utilizes Superior conveyor components
Superior’s RazerTail Truck Unloader directly transfers material from truck to stockpile.
  • Unload from belly, side or end dumps
  • Cycle times as little as 60 seconds
  • Maintain product quality
Portable, over-the-highway models.
  • Portable, over-the-highway models
  • Lightning fast setup times
  • Custom engineered solutions
Tunnel Reclaim helps you maintain a continuous feed of material to your processing plant.
  • Maintain continuous feed
  • Tunnel Reclaim
  • Dozer Trap
  • Unload, transfer, stockpile, or load
  • Functions accelerate material handling
  • One time handling of material
The Port of Coeymans is engineered for efficient bulk material handling and transport.
  • Ship loading and unloading
  • Barge loading and unloading
  • Portable, fixed and custom conveyors
  • TeleStacker® Conveyor
  • Horizontal Index Conveyor (HIC)
  • Horizontal Feed Conveyor
Superior Industries