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When we started engineering belt cleaners in 2007, we noticed that other blades on the market didn’t have enough urethane in them. Our design beefs up the blade, adding up to 40% more urethane than our competitors.

Our Set for Life (SFL) tensioning system radically reduces maintenance costs by removing the need to ever tension the blade again after installation. The Exterra® SFL Dual Belt Cleaner gives you double the cleaning power with only one mounting pole for simple installation.

Exterra® Primary Belt Cleaner
  • Reduces carry-back material
  • Prevents belt mis-tracking
  • Beefy, long lasting blade
Superior Industries Secondary Belt Cleaner
  • Segmented Urethane blades
  • Adjustable blade angle
  • Belt widths: 18” – 72”
Primary and secondary blades.
  • Primary and secondary blades
  • One time tensioning
  • Shared mounting pole
The Mine Duty Exterra SFL Belt Cleaner
  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • Three piece pole
  • One time tensioning
The product line of Exterra® Replacement Blades
  • Industry’s thickest blade profile
  • Mini-blades available
  • Blades have up to 40% more urethane
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