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Navigator® Return Trainer by Superior Industries

Navigator® Return Trainer

The patented Navigator® Return Trainer is one of the best belt tracking solutions, providing continuous alignment, centering the belt, and reducing or eliminating belt damage. The Navigator® Return Trainer is particularly effective for operators of portable equipment or mobile track-mounted equipment. They are an ideal choice in a variety of tough applications where self-aligning idlers do not fit or are prone to damage the belt.

The Navigator® Return Trainer uses the weight of the belt to make the roller shift and thus track the belt. The misaligned belt puts pressure on one side of the training idler and the pressure causes the training idler to tilt and guide the belt back to center. For belts that travel both directions, ask about our bidirectional option.


The Navigator Return Trainer is contact-free.

Much of the industry prefers a return trainer that is contact-free, as this eliminates wear parts and any side contact to the belt. The Navigator® Return Trainer is contact-free, leading to longer wear life and less maintenance. Our model features rubber lagging, which sheds material and increases friction, keeping a positive connection between roller and belting. The Navigator® Return Trainer sits on the underside of the belt, responding to movement and shifting to maintain proper belt tracking.

Material buildup causes increased maintenance costs, costly downtime, and unnecessary wear and tear on your conveying equipment and components. The Navigator® Return Trainer’s design reduces buildup by placing its bearings inside the idler. These internal bearings can’t be reached by excess material on the underside of the belt during operation. The bearings can be replaced with an extended socket set.

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