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CEMA rated conveyor idlers by Superior Industries

CEMA Rated Conveyor Idlers

We offer a large selection of flexible product designs in our CEMA Rated Conveyor Idler lineup. Our idlers are equipped with our SpinGuard® Seal Technology that lengthens idler life and provides protection from contaminants and material buildup from polluting the bearing.

To accommodate the needs of your specific conveying system, we manufacture a number of idler options including 13 troughing styles and nine return styles. Our idler stand design ensures that there are no pinch points for fugitive material between the rolls and the frame. We craft each idler with the goal of giving you long lasting wear life and reducing your operating downtime.


SpinGuard Seal Technology

We like to call our SpinGuard® Seal Technology the “secret sauce” that makes Superior idlers the preferable brand on the market. The design’s first line of defense is the contact seal, which creates less drag than a rubber seal. The second line of defense is the triple labyrinth seal, which makes contaminants travel a longer distance. The labyrinth is also grease filled to keep contaminants away from the ball bearing. The roller’s flat disc surface design eliminates material buildup and the stationary external seal helps to prevent material pinch points between the frame and the end of the roller. Finally, the centrifugal force chamber creates a self-cleaning effect, keeping water and dirt out.

We understand that you need access to replacement parts as soon as possible to keep your operation running, so our motto is to achieve the fastest lead times from order entry to delivery. With two innovative American manufacturing plants, additional manufacturing in Brazil and well-stocked local distributors across the globe, we achieve very quick turnaround times on our product. In addition, a robust engineering staff dedicated to developing custom idlers for application specific solutions.

As a private company, owned by employees and community members, we put our customers first. To drive this home to our employees, customer service (or Customer WOW! as we refer to it internally) is communicated as one of the three pillars of our company. It means every employee — no matter their position — is considered a customer service agent. Ensuring this pillar is strong is how we measure the strength of our business.

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