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Core Systems® Design by Superior Industries

Core Systems® Design

Our Core Systems® Design is a custom engineered conveyor drive package. The Core Systems® Design program offers drive and tail pulley assemblies designed for your specific application.

Our Core Systems® services include technical consultation, design and engineering services for creation of bulk material conveyor systems including those requiring engineered class drive pulleys.

We create cost-efficiencies for you by ensuring that drive components are ideally suited for the particular job specifications, while also making sure that power requirements are met. Each custom-engineered assembly is delivered as a pre-assembled package, which eliminates the costly labor involved with onsite assembly and greatly reduces installation time.


We stock most power transmission components.

To optimize convenience, reliability, and peace of mind, the entire system is engineered and built by Superior, and is guaranteed to work with your machine. Fully customizable to each customer, the drive system package can incorporate any number of components, from a few select replacement parts to a complete power transmission operating system. We manufacture our own pulleys and take-ups, with standard pulleys offered in diameters up to 60 inches, face widths up to 120 inches and shafting up to 15 inches. Custom pulleys are available upon request.

The whole Core Systems® Design is assembled in-house. We stock most power transmission components, enabling us to provide fast turnaround time on every drive package. Delivery on standard products exceeds industry standards and expedited service is available in as little as 24 to 48 hours from initial call to final delivery. Additionally, you receive your Core Systems® Design package pre-assembled, simplifying installation and saving you on time and labor fees.

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