Conveyor Idler Seals

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Anthem™ Inclined Screen by Superior Industries

Application-Specific Conveyor Idler Seals

SpinGuard® Seal Technology

Superior’s patented next-generation SpinGuard Idler Bearing Seals offer greater protection in applications known to expose bearings to fugitive material prematurely.

Application-specific seal configurations have 5+ years of trial and error testing in both lab and field settings with production lead times competitive to idlers with traditional seals.

Four NEW Application-Specific Options


APPLICATIONS: Wash or dredge processes. Frequent washdowns.

BENEFITS: Special double contact seal defends bearing from moisture penetration.


APPLICATIONS: Crushing and screening producing dust with minimal fines.

BENEFITS: Oiled and contact seal protects bearing from dry particles and grit.


APPLICATIONS: Overland or long distance material handling sites.

BENEFITS: Seal reduces drag and roll resistance for less horsepower at startup/operation.


APPLICATIONS: Washed sand, fines removal or dredging. Most extreme conditions.

BENEFITS: Combination of design characteristics from wet and dry seals for ultimate bearing protection.

Standard [Redesigned]

APPLICATIONS: Traditional material handling not described above. Typically 80-90% of applications.

BENEFITS: While testing our application specific models, we redesigned our standard for the best bearing protection yet.

Superior’s next evolution of idler bearing protection in SpinGuard Idler Seal technology.

Superior’s chief engineer of conveyor components, Paul Schmidgall, describes each unique design and covers the testing process we used during research and development.

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