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Sealing System

The Superior Sealing System prevents material spillage in load zones. Regular idler rolls create spacing between the conveyor belt and the hopper skirting, but the Sealing System’s cartridges are designed to close the gap, making for a tight seal. Cartridges come in 5 inch and 10 inch sizes for belt widths ranging from 24-72 inches.

Sealing bars are an alternative to cartridges, and come in 48 inch or 60 inch sizes. The Sealing System helps you keep your material transfer process running smoothly, and saves you from letting precious dollars leak off of your conveyor.


Designed to prevent the finest material from leaking out in load zones.

Material spillage is the number one cause for conveyor maintenance, making it a top priority for operators to monitor. Our Sealing System is designed to prevent the finest material from leaking out in load zones. The system eliminates belt sagging between idler rolls in the conveyor load zone, ensuring that your material transfer is air tight.

We know that installation can be a time eating and costly process. As a result, we designed and manufactured the Sealing System to be as easy to install as possible. The retrofit cartridges fit to existing, installed idler frames. You can choose from a 5 inch cartridge, 10 inch cartridge, or sealing bar options to find the model that offers the quickest installation for your conveying system. 

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