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Meet Kathy Johnson, aftermarket services manager at Superior Industries. She manages the customer service, parts sales, and technical publications teams at the corporate office in Morris, MN. Kathy works with her team to solve customer equipment issues, create technical publications, and provide technical support to others in the company.

Previous to starting with Superior in 2012 as the technical publications manager, Kathy worked for Case IH, ran her own technical publishing consulting business, and performed freelance work. While trying to sell her freelance services to Superior, she was offered a position at the company.

Kathy quickly became an asset to Superior by coming up with new ideas, fixing processes, and generating vision for the future in her office. She says that she was able to advance within the company by, “Making my boss’s life easier whenever I could and pitching in even when it wasn’t in my job description.”

She was able to take advantage of the coursework offered at Superior Industries University (SIU). She took Question Behind the Question, Leadership 102, and Crucial Conversations, the latter being her favorite. Additionally, she read “Good to Great” by Jim Collins, a book that upper management has used to craft Superior’s strategy and culture.

She says, “I have been at other companies that only care about your degree or whether you can advance or not. It is refreshing to work for a company that appreciates what you have to offer them and get rewarded for it.” Kathy describes the culture of opportunity at Superior as “a gift.” For Kathy, it’s not just being rewarded for hard work that makes Superior’s culture attractive. She says, “What stands out the most to me is how close everyone is here at Superior, especially within my own department and team. They are not just employees but friends, and that makes it satisfying to come to work every day.”

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