Chevron® Pulley Has New Look At CONEXPO

press-release NEW CEMA Chevron capless pulley

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, revealed a new look for its well-known Chevron Wing Pulley at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. The CEMA-rated model is now designed and manufactured without a rounded cap on the wings.

“Users are going to get the same benefits of the original design, but the CEMA class gets a bit of a price reduction without that rounded bar,” says Mary Erholz, vice president of marketing and conveying product manager at Superior. “It’s also going to increase the service life of Chevron Pulleys, since the bare wings offer so much more wearable material.”

The v-shaped Chevron Pulley revolutionized expectations for wing performance after being invented by Superior in 2007. Traditional straight wing pulleys were always prone to trapping material, bending prematurely, and notorious for damaging conveyor belting. The Chevron Pulley’s unique v-shape offered never before seen benefits:

  • Deflects oncoming fugitive material
  • Fewer rocks trapped between wings
  • No trapped rocks to puncture belting
  • Constant contact between pulley and belt reduces noise
  • Less abusive to belt splices and clips

CEMA Duty Chevron Pulleys are manufactured in diameters up to 36-inches (914mm) and face widths up to 78-inches (1980mm). Mine Duty, Super Duty, and custom engineered classes are also available.

Superior Installs Modular Screen-Wash Platform at CONEXPO

press-release fusion modular washing screening platform plant

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, installed one of its pre-engineered modular plants at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. Known as Fusion® Platforms, these customizable crushing, screening and washing platforms are recognized for design scalability, straightforward installations, and improved access for maintenance.

The particular package shown at CONEXPO-CON/AGG included an 8×20 Guardian® Horizontal Wet Screen with an integrated Twin Aggredry® Washer, and freshwater distribution supply hub. The plant is capable of producing up to four products. For example, concrete suppliers may use it to produce coarse aggregate, pea gravel, a blended combination of the two, and a C33 sand off the screw.

The wet Guardian Screen includes spray bars on all three decks to wash out dust and convert the sand to a slurry for feeding the sand screw. Superior’s patented Aggredry Washer separates any clays, dirts and fines and moves the good sand to an integrated dewatering screen. Sand discharges with a moisture content as low as 8%, making it an instantly salable product.

“Our Fusion Platforms are compact for smaller footprints, offer convenient maintenance features, and integrate seamlessly with Superior’s crushing, screening, washing and conveying products,” says product manager, Mark Crooks. “Each configuration can be customized to suit the application, includes plug and play electrical, is scalable to future expansions, and includes plenty of space for maintenance tasks.”

The packages are optimized for efficient shipping by road flatbed or ocean container.

Superior Adds Two New Cone Models to Crushing Portfolio

2023 New Superior Crushers - Dakota Cone and Endeavor Cone

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, debuted two new cone crushing models at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023. With the well-established Patriot® Cone Crusher, Superior now manufactures a Dakota™ Cone and Endeavor™ Cone. Each model has its own set of unique features, so aggregate producers get premium performance in a wide variety of applications.

“Instead of having to make a choice, we want to offer our customers a solution,” says Jason Adams, president of Superior. “From one manufacturer, aggregate producers now have three cone crusher options and can pick what’s right for their application, marketplace, and crews.”

The new Dakota Cone Crusher is a roller bearing design, which typically offers the most efficient use of horsepower per ton of crushed rock. Some features include a steel threaded bowl, one piece cast mainframe, a tramp relief system with fewer accumulators, and a hydraulically operated ant-spin system, which eliminates labor-intensive installation of individual gears.

Superior’s new Endeavor Cone is a spider bushing design. Historically, spider bushing cones accept the largest range of feed sizes and are known for simple operation and favorable maintenance. Other features include the strongest shaft style our industry has designed to date, which is supported on a cast top and cast bottom shell; top access chamber, which is safer to access and more simple to maintain; and multiple strokes and liner configurations for increased application flexibility.

With these two additions, Superior’s cone crushing products are capable of high performance in primary, secondary or tertiary applications and within portable or stationary settings. Maximum feed opening is up to 18-inches (450mm) with horsepower ranging from 200-800 (150-600 kW).

Best-Performing Idler Bearing Seal Showcased at CONEXPO

press-release Titanium Idler Seals

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, exhibited the industry’s most modern, longest-lasting conveyor idler bearing seal when it showed off its Titanium™ Seal at CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

Several years ago, Superior’s engineers started a project to improve the manufacturer’s standard idler seal. Today, the standard idler seal is new and improved, but a premium seal design was also discovered along the way. It’s achieving supreme performance in some of the grittiest, wettest, most troublesome idler applications.

“Design analysis for dozens of iterations were performed in our lab and some of those drafts graduated to real world settings within various quarries and pits,” says Mary Erholtz, Superior’s vice president of marketing and conveying product manager. “When we tallied the scores, it was obvious that our Titanium Seal lasted longer than any other prototype or competitor bearing seal we tested.”

After three years on the market, Superior’s Titanium Seal is earning a reputation for improving conveyor roller service life by as much as 40%. However, that data is still growing — says Superior — as many of the first installations of Titanium Seals are still performing well.

Availability is optional for all of Superior’s CEMA C, D, and E steel idlers, Moxie® Rolls, rubber return and impact rolls, self-aligning idlers, and Urathon® Return Rolls. The configuration of the Titanium Idler Bearing Seal, specially designed to reduce the penetration of fugitive moisture and fines, is patented.

Brand-New Skirting System Controls Conveyor Dust Emissions

press-release skirting systems

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, recently completed development of a brand new Modular Skirting System. The easy to install accessory controls dust and prevents spillage within conveyor load and transfer zones.

“Our crews visit and collect data from thousands of conveyor systems each year and we figure about half of them would benefit from material containment components,” says Paul D. Schmidgall, chief engineer in Superior’s conveyor components division. “That’s one out of every two conveyors spilling valuable material, spewing harmful dust, and creating unsafe work environments.”

The new Skirting System retrofits to any brand of existing structure with little or no field fabrication. Two sets of adjustable legs aid in this universal installation. Additionally, easy to adjust clamping mechanisms are used in place of nuts and bolts to hold skirtboard rubber tight against the belt. An optional stilling zone is available to accelerate the settling of dust while material is moving inside the system.

Superior’s Modular Skirting System is sold in 5-foot (1.5m) sections for conveyor belt widths up to 72-inches (1,728mm). Along with 250-tons of other products, this new Skirting System will be shown in Silver Lot booth #5006 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

Updates To Belt Cleaners Will Reduce Maintenance Time

press-release Superior Belt Cleaner

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, made some tweaks to its Exterra® Conveyor Belt Cleaners, which will reduce time required to maintain the popular scraping systems.

First, a new fast-acting click tensioner is available for the primary and secondary models. After installation, operators simply twist the tensioning unit for a prescribed number of times to set proper force. Click count instructions are conveniently labeled on the aluminum housing that protects the springs.

Second, Superior’s SFL scraper models are now manufactured with a special extruded tube. It’s designed to house the patented springs and seal them from fugitive material. The abbreviation SFL means “Set for Life”. Exterra Belt Cleaners with this SFL option require tensioning just once at the time of installation. Accurate tension is maintained automatically — with no required maintenance — for the entire life of the blade.

Third, Superior’s conveyor components engineers recently completed lab and field testing on a proprietary new mix of polyurethane, which is poured into molds to form the blades. This longer-lasting material is also more flexible, which endures beating from belt splices and wears more effectively. All blades are developed in-house by Superior.

There are several models of Exterra Belt Scrapers in both aggregate and mine duty constructions. Blade widths are available up to 102-inches (2,590mm). Along with 250-tons of other products, Superior’s complete line of Exterra Belt Cleaners will be shown in Silver Lot booth #5006 at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023.

Maverick Environmental Equipment Is New Superior Dealer In Ohio

press-release Maverick EE

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, is excited to announce a new dealer partnership with Maverick Environmental Equipment in Ohio.

“The team at Maverick comes to work everyday with lots of energy, high enthusiasm, and spirited passion for the success of customers,” says Brad Osebold, Superior’s sales manager throughout the Great Lakes region. “The cultures of our two companies — including a strong distaste for corporate bureaucracy — align well and I’m excited for producers in Ohio to take advantage of this new alliance.”

Throughout Ohio, Maverick Environmental Equipment will sell, service and support Superior’s crushing, screening, washing and conveying equipment and parts. The manufacturer’s diverse product portfolio includes jaw, cone, HSI and VSI crushers; horizontal, inclined and grizzly feeding vibratory equipment; scrubbing, classifying, washing and dewatering solutions; plus unloading, transferring and stacking conveyors including Superior’s famous TeleStacker® Conveyor.

Established in 2016, Maverick Environmental Equipment evolved from a group of men and women who have been dedicated to aggregate processing for more than two decades. In Ohio, stock equipment, parts inventory, and skilled teams of mobile service technicians are based in Newbury and Breman, Ohio.

James River Equipment Is Latest Full-Line Superior Dealer

press-release James River Equipment

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, is excited to announce a new dealer partnership with James River Equipment throughout the US states of North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

James River Equipment will offer, service, and support Superior’s full line of crushing equipment, conveyors, horizontal and inclined vibratory screens, and solutions for washing, classifying, scrubbing and dewatering. The companies will work together to tailor designs to each customer in stationary, modular, or portable applications.

“We have so much in common with James River and that’s going to make this partnership such a valuable resource for the region’s aggregate producers,” says Scott Gulan, Superior’s equipment sales manager. “We’re excited to visit all the quarries in the area and introduce our relentlessly supported processing and handling equipment.”

The new venture will showcase all of the similarities and qualities the two companies share. From exceptional customer service to investment in employees, Superior says it’s adding another quality full-line dealer to its network of top-of-the-line aggregate equipment dealers.

“While we have been engaged in mobile crushing and screening plants for the last ten years, Superior gives us the opportunity to offer customers first-class products that we haven’t had in our portfolio,” says John Grantier, vice president of sales for James River. “We think it is going to be a game-changer and allow us to truly be a “one-stop shop” for our material processing customers.”

About James River Equipment

In 1977, the Romer Family purchased their first John Deere dealership in Virginia, creating James River Equipment. With the strong leadership of Mark Romer and other operational partners, they have grown to over 40 locations in the Virginias and Carolinas. Their experience, culture, and focus on customer service has made them one of the most distinguished John Deere dealerships in the country.

Superior Builds World’s Largest Telescopic Stacking Conveyor…again!

TS 48 x 210 ft
press release hero 48x210 TeleStacker Conveyor
The towering 210-feet TeleStacker Conveyor is shown next to a 136-feet model.

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, recently completed design and manufacturing work on what they’re considering to be the world’s largest telescopic radial stacking conveyor.

The brand-new TeleStacker® Conveyor model is a 48-inch-wide by 210-feet-long telescoping conveyor (1220mm x 64m). It’s capable of building 425,000 ton stockpiles (315,000 cubic yards). Superior says the record-breaking stacker will be used to unload dry bulk ships along the Atlantic Coast in Florida.

Operators at the port will take advantage of the TeleStacker Conveyor’s PilePro™ Automation. This user-friendly, Superior designed and supported system automatically controls the stacker’s actions while building partially or fully-desegregated stockpiles. Some popular features include pile volume reporting, maintenance triggers and diagnostics screens.

In 2022, Superior is celebrating 25 years of manufacturing its famous TeleStacker® Conveyor. During that time, the conveyor has earned a reputation as the best tool for defeating costly material segregation while bulk stockpiling. Superior says it manufactures about a dozen standard sizes and is always willing to customize every inch of the conveyor for premiere performance in any application.

Key Features Improve Capability Of Horizontal Screen In Static Applications

Morris, Minn. – Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, reports about several key features that improve performance of its popular Guardian® Horizontal Screen in stationary or static settings.

“Historically, horizontal screens are most popular in portable or mobile applications,” says Ed Sauser, Superior’s product manager for the manufacturer’s vibratory solutions. “However, some static producers prefer horizontal over inclined screens, so we’ve designed a few features to improve performance for these customers.

Recognized as a popular feature on inclined scenes, extra clearance between decks is now an optional feature for Guardian Horizontal Screens. The extra headroom is appreciated by maintenance crews while working inside the screen. Additionally, Superior has outfitted some of their screens with king-sized bearings, which greatly increase the capacity of the screen. One of the manufacturer’s largest models uses 200mm bearings.

“We also build one of the market’s only four deck screens, which offers a five-product split (four end products and one oversize),” says Sauser. “This four deck option is available in 6×20 and 8×20 models of our Guardian Horizontal Screen.”

Superior manufacturers a dozen models of it’s Guardian Horizontal Screen in two, three or four deck configurations for dry or wet applications.

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