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We’re a 50-year-old, privately-owned manufacturer of crushing, screening, washing, and conveying systems with manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Canada, China and several in our home country of the United States.

Currently, we’re investing significant capital to grow our business and achieve our goals, so we’re looking for agents and dealers to partner with us as we expand our brand to more parts of the world.

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We’ve Got Equipment In Stock!

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While lead times for new equipment are backed up in many parts of the world, Superior has a significant amount of stock crushers, screens, and washing equipment for our new partners.

We want to start a partnership successfully with quick deliveries to you and/or your customers.

Crushing, Screening, Washing, Conveying Equipment

Get familiar with our products. Download our Global Product Handbook.

Global Product Handbook

12 Phrases That Quickly Describe Superior Industries

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