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The patent-pending Alliance Low Water Washer allows you to wash crusher dust right next to the crushing circuit, eliminating the cost of handling and hauling these fines to a new washing circuit. This unit is designed with a small footprint, which allows it to be easily incorporated into an existing plant. The Alliance Low Water Washer turns tailings into a salable manufactured sand. Customers experience 80% less water consumption when washing straight off of a dry feed. The Alliance Low Water Washer is manufactured in models for rates up to 300 TPH (272 MTPH).

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Agitator Section

The Alliance Low Water Washer’s agitator mixes a dry feed with water, producing a thick slurry that comes off of the washing portion of the unit and onto the dewatering screen. The agitator is equipped with a spray bar along the length of blade mill for thorough cleaning. The screw is constructed with ¼ inch ASTM A36 steel for maximum durability and strength.

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Dewatering Screen

Constructed with a ½ inch A36 steel welded frame, the Alliance Washer’s dewatering screen is rigid and robust. The screen’s spray bar is equipped with nozzles mounted at the discharge of the blade mill to spray material as it drops onto the screen. Adjustable between -5 degrees and 5 degrees, the dewatering screen can be positioned in the best configuration for the operator’s specific situation. The screen media is a 70 mesh urethane snap deck. A 60hz 230/460V, 1800 rpm vibrating motor with adjustable throw runs the dewatering screen.

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Capacity TPH (MTPH) Material Size inch (mm) Screen Size ft (m) Screw Size in x ft (mm x m) Horsepower HP (kw) Est. Water Consumption Gallon (liter) Screen Area ft² (m²) Vibrating Motor HP (kw)
ALWW-100 100 (90) 1/2″ minus (13) 4 x 10 (1.2 x 3.0) 30 x 12 (760 x 3.5) 38 (28) 300 (1,135) 40 (3.5) (2) 7.5 (5.5)
ALWW-200 200 (181) 1/2″ minus (13) 5 x 10 (1.5 x 3.0) 30 x 12 (760 x 3.5) 38 (28) 500 (1,890) 50 (4.5) (2) 11.4 (8.5)
ALWW-300 300 (272) 1/2″ minus (13) 6 x 12 (1.8 x 3.6) 36 x 12 (915 x 3.5) 46 (34) 700 (2,650) 72 (6.5) (2) 12.6 (9.4)

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