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We have a diverse and broad washing product lineup that offers solutions to different fine and coarse material applications. Our washing technology can help you meet customer expectations for material specs. The star of our fleet is the Aggredry® Washer, a machine that combines a washing screw and dewatering screen to give you salable product with moisture levels as low as 8%.

Fine screw with dewatering screen.
  • Fine screw with dewatering screen
  • Produce material with 8% moisture
  • Fines recovery saves material from pond
  • Wash crusher fines with 80% less water
  • No waste, produce manufactured sand
  • Finished product has just 8% moisture
Wash up to 3/4 in. (19mm) sand.
  • Wash up to 3/4 in. (19mm) sand
  • Single or twin screw models
  • Capacities of 5 TPH – 1,100 TPH
The Coarse Material Washer removes crusher dust and fines from finished +⅜ inch aggregate product coming off of your screen.
  • Wash crushed stones and gravel
  • Single or twin screw models
  • Capacities of 60 TPH – 550 TPH
Superior’s Log Washer beneficiates coarse aggregate that is covered with clay, loam, or other deleterious coatings.
  • Strips away clays and soils
  • Wash up to 4 in. (102mm) material
  • Capacities of 30 TPH – 190 TPH
Long/narrow for aggressive scrubbing.
  • Long/narrow for aggressive scrubbing
  • Scrub away soluble silts and clays
  • Capacities of 60 TPH – 720 TPH
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