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We provide two options for computer controls on our Classifying Tanks. Aggrespec I is a simple intuitive control system ideal for quarry operations. Aggrespec I has a quick start-up time with the capacity to program automatic tank cleanout. Our updated option, Aggrespec III, includes three method calculations that deliver 2-15% more productivity than single method programs. Aggrespec III re-blends up to two spec products simultaneously and has an unlimited mix design storage capacity. Another feature of the program is a stockpile analysis report that compares your finished product against the expected product and input settings. 

Aggrespec IAggrespec III
Simple intuitive control systemThree-method calculations consistently deliver 2% (up to 15%) more productivity than single-method programs
10 recipes of two products for 20 product capacityRe-blends up to two spec products simultaneously
Ideal for quarry operationsHolds tight product specs and reduces out-of-spec material
Quick start-upUnlimited mix design storage capacity
Programmable automatic tank cleanoutMicrosoft Windows-based control system is familiar and easy to use
Alarm historyCollects and reports data, displays and tracks real time fineness modulus (FM), yield graphs feed and output gradations
Retrofits to other manufacturers’ tanksStockpile analysis checks finished product against expected product and input settings
Retrofits to other manufacturers’ tanks
Programmable automatic tank cleanout
Patented dual tank controls

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