Dial +1 (320) 589-7485 for a product support agent.

As publically-traded Wall Street companies focus on their quarterly statements they leave behind their most important asset…the customer! As a private company, owned by employees and community members, we’re allowed to put our customers first. To drive this home to our employees, customer service (or Customer WOW! as we refer to it internally) is communicated as one of the three pillars of our company. It means every employee — no matter their position — is considered a customer service agent. Ensuring this pillar is strong is how we measure the strength of our business.

Scope of Work

Phone Support

Our lines are open 24/7/365 and your uptime is our priority. On the other end of the line is a Superior employee born with a heart of service. What does that mean? We staff our service department with individuals who have compassion for others in everything they do.


We guarantee quality by the strength of our warranty. Superior invented the longest, most thorough conveyor warranty in the industry and when we developed protection for crushing, screening and washing products, we made sure to lead the industry.


Think of our repair technicians as doctors, except we’re in safety orange, not white coats. We’re fulfilled through hard work and overcoming obstacles. Ultimately, our skilled technicians are driven by the pursuit of uptime at your site.


Our technicians are available for personal visits to your site. They are equipped to perform tasks, recommend efficiencies and offer up best practices and maintenance schedules based on their years of experience at other sites.


Even your equipment can benefit from timely reviews. You can bundle our maintenance visit with an on-site inspection for detailed measurements and in-depth equipment checkups.


Don’t overinvest in new when less complicated refurbishment will do. In one call and pending your approval, we provide all new parts in addition to remachining and rewelding your equipment to complete a full restoration.


We send out an application specialist from our team to analyze your process flow and equipment efficiency. The specialist will suggest improvements and adjustments that can help you enhance your efficiency and better yet, increase your profits.