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Chevron® Pulley

V-Shaped Wing Pulley Deflects Fugitive Material

  • While traditional wing pulleys trap fugitive material, v-shaped Chevron pulleys deflect it out and away.
  • Trapped material bends pulley wings and punctures conveyor belting. Chevron pulleys extend belt life.
  • Chevron pulleys maintain constant belt contact, which reduces pulley noise generation by 50 decibels.
  • Friendlier and less abusive than traditional wings on conveyor belt splices and belt clips.
  • CEMA Duty Mine DutySuper Duty
    Wear Bar Thickness1" x 1/2" half round1" round bar*1-1/2" round bar*
    Wing Thickness3/16" or 1/4"1/4" - 5/16"3/8"
    Diameter10" - 20"12" - 36"12" - 42"
    Face Width20" - 63"12" - 60"24" - 78"
    *Available in long-lasting AR steel upgrade.
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    New Technology vs. Old Technology

    Chevron Pulley

    Chevron Pulley

    In late 2007, Superior revolutionized the market with the invention of the Chevron Pulley. It's v-shaped design deflects rocks, reduces wing bending and creates environments for longer lasting conveyor belts.
    Traditional Wing

    Traditional Wing

    Not long ago, this was an accepted fallout of owning a wing pulley. A result of fugitive material or poor construction, wings would bend easily and expensive belts would eventually become victim.

    Pulley Upgrade Boosts Uptime

    “First, it’s a self-cleaning component and that makes the belt track really well because it doesn’t allow material to lodge between the belt and the pulley. However, most importantly, the Chevron pulley has dramatically reduced noise levels. In fact, it is so quiet that we often check to see if the belt is even running."

    Clyde Hopkins - Western Pennsylvania Power Plant

    Constant Belt Contact Significantly Cuts Noise

    The Chevron Pulley has a round end view creating continuous belt contact, which significantly reduces any beating action. The smooth operation creates less vibration, less belt wear, less of an impact and load on the bearings and less noise.
    A standard wing pulley is “apexed” or is shaped as a many-sided polygon. As a result, the belt is always raising and lowering over one or two wings, which causes the belt to flap and results in more belt wear, and much more vibration and noise.

    Why V-Shape?

    360° of Benefits