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Moxie® Rolls

  • Lubricity of Moxie rolls sheds sticky, wet material.
  • Less material build up reduces belt mistracking.
  • Specially designed material is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • Reduced noise by up to 45% when compared to steel rolls.
  • CEMA Rating: C and D
  • Roll Diameter: 5" and 6"
  • Troughing Angle: 20°, 35° and 45°
  • Belt Width: 18" - 72"
  • Click here to download our complete idler catalog.
    Equal Troughing Idlers

    Unequal Troughing
    Offset Center Roll
    Variable Pitch
    Wire Rope
    Channel Mount/ Low Profile
    Flat Carrier

    "As a test, we started placing them in high wear, high traffic areas, and we found that they delivered more than 4-times the wear life of other idlers we had used previously. Maintenance costs have been drastically reduced."

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    Wynne Stallcop - Trinity Materials, Inc.