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Zipline™ Conveyor

Quick Install Overland Conveyor

  • Modular, pre-engineered overland conveyor systems.
  • Quick, toolless installation of intermediate channel sections and idlers.
  • Accommodates off-the-shelf, easy to source conveyor idlers.
  • A lower cost alternative to highly engineered, custom overland systems.
  • Belt Widths30"36"42"
    Horsepower30HP/50 HP50HP/75 HP60HP/100 HP
    Max Length (6º Incline)250/500 ft.250/400 ft.250/350 ft.
    Max Length at Flat Position500/1,000 ft.500/1,000 ft.500/1,000 ft.
    Belt Speed400 FPM400 FPM450 FPM
    Max Tons Per Hour500 TPH1,000 TPH1,500 TPH
  • Return Roll Guards
  • Navigator® Return Roll
  • Self-aligning Idlers
  • E-Stop Switch
  • E-Stop Cable
  • Discharge Hood
  • Receiving Hopper
  • Video Profile

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