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TeleStacker® Conveyor

Mine Duty

  • Capable of producing extreme volume stockpiles with total volumes exceeding 275,000 tons.
  • Added bracing and support of patented FB® Undercarriage ensured unrivaled safety and support.
  • Stinger conveyor extends allowing conveyor to stockpile 30% more material.
  • The most effective solution for controlling stockpile segregation.
  • Learn more about the TeleStacker Conveyor in heap leach applications.
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Time of OperationClass III (2.0 SF or 24 hour shift)
Operating Tonnage200-3,000 TPH
Belt Width24" - 72"
Belt Thickness3/4" Flame or Cut/Gouge-resistant
Primary Belt ScraperMine Duty Belt Scraper
Secondary Belt ScraperMine Duty Belt Scraper
PulleysMine Duty 2.0
Pulley Lagging1/2" HBR
MotorSevere Duty
GearingRight Angle/Direct Coupled
BearingsSAF Pillow Block
Take-upsHeavy Duty Take-up
Idlers6" CEMA C, D and E
Skirting/Load Area5' - 10' with Sealing System or Impact Bed
Remote GreasingRecommended
Movement HornRecommended
Zero Speed SwitchRecommended
Mis-Alignment SwitchRecommended
E-Stop and CableRecommended
Rip Detection SwitchRecommended
Area LightingRecommended
TracksRecommended for Heap Leach
FB® UndercarriageRecquired
PortabilityFD Axle, Pit Portable Axle
Guarding/HandrailsPainted Safety Yellow
Discharge HoodsRecommended
Hood and Skirting Liners1/2" AR 400
Belt and Wind CoversRecommended for Dust
FD AxleXTP AxlePit Portable
4 Wheel DriveDual Power Travel4 Wheel Drive
Tow EyeTow EyeTow Eye
Exterra® Belt CleanersExterra® Belt CleanersExterra® Belt Cleaners
Impact IdlersImpact IdlersImpact Idlers
Self-cleaning Return RollSelf-cleaning Return RollSelf-cleaning Return Roll
Navigator® Return TrainerNavigator® Return TrainerNavigator® Return Trainer
Belt UpgradeBelt UpgradeBelt Upgrade
Spray BarSpray BarSpray Bar
Hydraulic Landing JacksHydraulic Landing JacksHydraulic Landing Jacks
PilePro™ AutomationPilePro™ AutomationPilePro™ Automation
Wired Remote SystemWired Remote SystemWired Remote System
Power Travel SensorPower Travel SensorPower Travel Sensor
Wireless RemoteWireless RemoteWireless Remote
Axle JacksAxle JacksAxle Jacks
Auto Grease BearingsAuto Grease BearingsAuto Grease Bearings
Compensation LinkageOn-board CounterweightOn-board Counterweight
Self-aligning IdlersSelf-aligning IdlersSelf-aligning Idlers
Sealing SystemSealing SystemSealing System
Cold Weather KitCold Weather KitCold Weather Kit
Dual Power SourceDual Power SourceDual Power Source
Portable JacksPortable JacksPortable Jacks
Belt ScaleBelt ScaleBelt Scale
Belt CoversBelt CoversBelt Covers

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