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Belt Covers

  • Rigid, corrugated covers are infinitely stronger than smooth designs.
  • No installation supports needed to brace covers on conveyor.
  • Installation is not dependent on the location of idlers.
  • Mount hinges with self-tapping screws at any point along the conveyor structure.
  • Belt Widths: 24" - 60"
  • Cover Length: 41.88"
  • Standard Covers: Full, 3/4 and 1/2
  • MaterialApplication
    Galvanized*Approved resistance in nearly every environment.
    Lacquered SteelColored to blend with with surroundings or branding.
    Stainless SteelHighly corrosive environments.
    HPS 200Fiber reinforced polyester, colored covers for highly corrosive environments.
    AluminumLightest weight material for easy manipulation.
    FiberglassAvoid contamination in food industries.

    *Galvanized covers are available for immediate delivery. Other materials are built to order.