Twin Screw Wash Plant

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The Twin Screw Wash Plant brings portability to the market’s only fine material screw capable of handling material as large as ¾ inch. Also included on the plant is our 6×20 foot Guardian® Triple Shaft Horizontal Screen. The plant chassis is equipped with an air brake system, toolbox, fixed structural cribbing legs, king pin supports, and diamond plate walkway with drainage holes. Our innovative technology, Level Assist, can be selected as an option to automatically level the plant once the machinery is raised to a desired height.



191 (4,850)62 (1,560)38 (955)61 (1,550)352 (8,930)103 (2,610)48 (1,210)


70 (1,790)240 (6,090)573 (14,550)129 (3,265)27 (685)43 (1,090)
Allows you to wash and dry fine material in a singular portable configuration.
Is a combination of a fine material washer and a dewatering screen in a single machine.
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