Closed Circuit Plant

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  • Superior Industries P300 Closed Circuit Plant

Featuring both the Patriot® P300 Crusher and Guardian® 6203 Screen, Superior’s Closed Circuit Plant provides users with a dynamic piece of processing equipment for crushing and screening aggregates. In addition to Vantage® Automation to monitor and control crushing parameters, the Patriot Cone Crusher features a counterclockwise spinning counter-shaft that causes the crusher to open if clamping pressure is lost, reducing risk of catastrophic failure. The Guardian Horizontal Screen eases user operation with bottle jack lifting points for spring replacement, fully-enclosed belt guard with integrated tensioning systems, and hinged access doors on side plates to simplify access. The Closed Circuit Plant includes some of our most cutting edge innovation, all in one configuration.

Operating Dimensions

A in. (mm)B in. (mm)C in. (mm)D in. (mm)E in. (mm)F in. (mm)G in. (mm)H in. (mm)I in. (mm)J in. (mm)
196 (4,965)820 (20,820)204 (5,180)100 (2,545)97 (2,465)62 (1,565)61 (1,550)500 (12,700)39 (990)60 (1,525)

Transport Dimensions

K in. (mm)L in. (mm)M in. (mm)N in. (mm)O in. (mm)P in. (mm)
150 (3,810)806 (20,470)174 (4,420)765 (19,430)39 (990)60 (1,525)

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