Ship or Barge Terminal

While working on designs for portable ship or barge loaders, our main goal is the same no matter the project. Our engineer’s constantly ask, “How do we minimize moves?” Because when you move a loader, cargo stops filling the holds (also known as downtime)!

At Superior, we believe our TeleStacker® Conveyor can help you achieve this goal! The combination of the loader’s tracked or tired mobility (inline, transverse or radial moves)  and its ability to telescope (internal conveyor moving in and out) are the key ingredients to minimizing the number of moves.

TeleStacker® Conveyor – Ship Loading

  • Move from ship hold to hold in three minutes or less.
  • Limit downtime and load at least three hatches from the same feed point.
  • Telescoping feature allows controlled trajectory within full square of hold.
  • Literature: Marine Duty TeleStacker Conveyor

TeleStacker® Conveyor – Ship Unloading

  • Rates up to 5,000 TPH…at least 40% more than competitors.
  • Unparalleled stability and safety in environments with constant movement.
  • More than 850 telescoping conveyors manufactured to date.
  • Literature: Marine Duty TeleStacker Conveyor

RazerTail® Truck Unloader – Ship Loading

  • Move material from belly or end dump truck to ship loader.
  • One time handling means material maintains its spec from truck to ship loader.
  • Move fast with 90-second or less truck cycle times.
  • Literature: RazerTail Truck Unloader
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