This stacking conveyor is track mounted, giving you exceptional mobility throughout your operation. Being self-contained with an engine incorporated in the axle, the Geotrek Conveyor is operated by one person via remote control. The set back tracks allow for stockpiling at 23 degrees for higher stockpiles and smaller footprints. With independent hydraulic cylinders, the Geotrek Conveyor is a dual purpose machine used as a stockpile or mobile transfer conveyor. Designed for cost-effective transportation to overseas markets, the Geotrek Conveyor can fit inside a 40 foot shipping container.

Conveyor Length 80′
Conveyor Ground Length 65′ – 0″
Raised Height to Center of Pulley 32′ – 8″
Lowered Transfer Position 6′ – 5″
Transport Length 38′ – 9-1/2″
Transport Height 8′ – 0″
Transport Width 7′ – 6″


Available in truss or channel frame design

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