Our rich history as a leader in mobile conveying technology allowed for a smooth transition supplying shipping and river terminals with similar technology. Portable ship and barge loading technology needs flexibility to serve a variety of vessels, mobility to move throughout the port and designs to handle a variety of materials. Our versatile equipment meets these needs in a single machine.

As an alternative to labor-intensive cranes, clamshell buckets, cable stackers and costly stationary ship loading systems, custom-configured mobile loading/unloading conveyors deliver lower capital investment, shorter lead times, quick assembly, ease of relocation and efficiency within a small footprint.

Product Solutions

  • Multiple hatches from same feed
  • Inline, radial and transverse
  • Telescoping fully trims hatches

Stingray™ Ship Loader

  • Camber shape reduces drop height
  • Increased mobility for uptime
  • Telescope to adjust to infrastructure

Fixed Loading

  • Designed to distinct specifications
  • Engineering, manufacturing, project lead
  • Planning, coordination and control
  • Truck unload times in 60 seconds
  • Unload belly or end dump
  • Maintain in-spec material quality

Razerlink™ Mobile Unloader

  • Unload, transfer, stockpile or load
  • Functions accelerate material handling
  • One time handling of material
  • Setup or take down in an hour
  • 500-foot preassembled groundline
  • Folds into one towable load
  • Pre-engineered, modular overland
  • Lower cost alternative to engineered
  • Quick, near toolless installation
  • Flexibly shift in and out of lineup
  • Robust, custom-engineered truss
  • Adjustable discharge heights


Ship/Barge Loading

  • Feed multiple ship hatches or barges from the same feedpoint
  • Telescopic conveyors achieve 45% more extension than some competitive conveyors.
  • Designed to move inline, transversely and radially for fast and efficient conveyor relocation.
  • Multifunctional machine can load, unload and stockpile.

Barge Unloading

  • Robust engineering staff for design of custom coveying solutions.
  • Mount conveyor system directly on barge for feeding other barges or extending to shore.
  • Telescopic technology reaches wider swaths for less downtime in dredge applications.

Ship Unloading

  • Highest capacity portable telescopic radial stacking conveyors on the planet.
  • TeleStacker® Conveyor allows handlers to maintain spec of material from ship to stockpile.
  • Engineers calculate and design conveyor truss to application for maximum stability.

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