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  • Designed for straightforward, quick conveyor installations,

Designed for straightforward, quick conveyor installations, the Exterra Secondary Belt Cleaner reduces material carry-back from conveyor belting after it passes over the head pulley. Segmented into three inch urethane chunks with tungsten carbide tops, the belt cleaner’s blade is engineered for long life and efficient material shedding. Our design allows the blade segments to individually conform to the belt for effective cleaning. Additionally, the cleaner’s blade angle is adjustable to accommodate mechanical and vulcanized splices. The Exterra Secondary Belt Cleaner is designed for belt widths of 18 – 72 inches (457 mm – 1828 mm) and belt speeds up to 1,000 FPM (5.1 m/sec).

Belt Widths:18″ – 72″
Blade Widths:10″ – 70″
Urethane Durometer:87A

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