The Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner is designed to greatly reduce material carry-back from the top cover of the conveyor belting after it passes over the head pulley. When left unchecked, carry-back causes material buildup on idlers, pulleys, and other components—a problem that causes mis-tracking or belt damage. The Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner eliminates unwanted fugitive material piles under the conveyor that carry-back creates. We’ve engineered this belt cleaner to provide you an economical investment with simple installation and effective operation.

Thick Blade

The Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner has a beefy, long lasting blade. The large blade design is engineered for longer life. A thicker blade tip scrapes extra material at the most crucial point of attack. Compared to other primary scrapers, we’ve packed our blades with up to 40% more urethane to give you a more rugged, longer lasting product.

SFL Option

You can upgrade your Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner to our patented, maintenance-free SFL option. Set For Life (SFL) technology maintains constant, accurate tension during the life of the blade. Operators set the tension during installation and never have to adjust it again. As the blade wears, the SFL system automatically adjusts to preserve consistent tension. One time tensioning lowers your operation’s downtime and cuts maintenance costs.

Belt Widths: 18″ – 72″
Blade Widths: 10″ – 70″
Urethane Durometer: 87A

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