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We’re not a fan of limitations at Superior. That’s why we always seek to engineer products that fit the special requirements of each of our customers. We manufacture Specialty Pulleys including Spiral Wings, Spiral Drums, Beater Bars, Deflection Wheels, Dead Shaft Pulleys, and Elevator Pulleys. Our experienced sales team will work with you to find and select the right pulleys that will help you reach your operation’s goals. You also have options when it comes to pulley hub and bushing systems. You can choose XT Bushings, designed specifically for pulley applications with two hubs or QD Bushings for one hub applications such as sheaves and sprockets. Additional options include a Keyless Locking Device with high torque capability or Taper-Lock Bushings that fit flush into taper-lock sprockets and pulleys.  

Product Range

DescriptionCEMA DUTYMine Duty 1.5Mine Duty 2.0Super DutyCore Systems Design
Wing PulleysWingWingWing
Drum PulleysDrumDrumDrumDrumDrum
Chevron® PulleyChevronChevronChevron
Conveyor TypeLight duty, portableMedium dutyHeavy dutyExtra heavy dutyHigh tonnage
Belt StyleFabricFabricFabricFabricSteel cable or fabric
Belt BurdenNot started under loadUnder moderate loadStarted under full loadStarted under full loadStarted under full load
Starts and StopsInfrequentModerateFrequentFrequentFrequent
Load/Feed CharacteristicsUniformly loadedUniformly loadedNon-uniformly loadedNon-uniformly loadedNon-uniformly loaded
Design StandardsLoad, dimensions, and crown defined by ANSI B105.1Roughly 1.5X service factor of CEMA standardRoughly 2.0X service factor of CEMA standardExceeds 2.0X service factor of CEMA standardEngineered class, FEA Analysis Design, construction based on belt tension, conveyor load, and belt wrap
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