Our Chevron Pulley is the innovative alternative to traditional wing pulleys and has quickly become the preferred wing pulley design since its debut in 2007. On a traditional wing pulley, the impact of the rocks is directly perpendicular to the wing. Material is more easily entrapped between the wings, which over time can cause the wing to bend. The unique V-shape design of the Chevron Pulley deflects materials and resists bending. The design allows for constant contact between the pulley and the belt, reducing vibration and noise. Available in CEMA, Mine, and Super Duty classes, the Chevron Pulley can also be upgraded to abrasion resistant steel for increased wear life.

V-Shape Material Deflection

One of the distinguishing features of the Chevron Pulley is its unparalleled ability to divert fugitive material from becoming trapped between the wings. The V-shape design causes the fugitive rock to strike at a glancing blow instead of hitting at a direct impact. The constant deflection prevents material entrapment, lessening the possibility of wing tipping and belt damage. Continuous contact between the belt and pulley reduces the beating action, causing less vibration and less potential for mistracking, rubbing, or hazardous sparks.

V-Shape Noise/Vibration Reduction

The V-shape design of the Chevron Pulley drastically reduces the level of noise that your conveyor produces. A standard wing pulley is shaped like a many-sided polygon, causing the belt to always be rising or falling over one or two wings as the pulley goes around. The resulting flapping causes strong vibration and noise. With the Chevron Pulley, the belt is essentially rolling around a circle, which significantly reduces any beating action on the belt. Tests have shown that the standard wing pulley operates at an average 120 decibel level, while a Chevron Pulley averages only 70 decibels. The difference is like comparing a jet engine to a vacuum.

CEMA Duty Mine Duty Super Duty
Wear Bar Thickness 1″ x 1/2″ half round 1″ round bar* 1-1/2″ round bar*
Wing Thickness 3/16″ or 1/4″ 1/4″ – 5/16″ 3/8″
Diameter 10″ – 20″ 12″ – 36″ 12″ – 42″
Face Width 20″ – 63″ 12″ – 60″ 24″ – 78″


*Available in long-lasting AR steel upgrade

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