Moxie Rolls provide a solution for applications with sticky material and corrosive conditions, reducing your maintenance headaches. Made out of a high density polyurethane (HDPE), Moxie Rolls resist corrosion and are up to 50% lighter than steel idlers. The high lubricity of Moxie Rolls make them resistant to damaging material buildup on idler cans. Additionally, Moxie Rolls are 3X quieter than steel idlers, shrinking the noise pollution produced by your operation.


HDPE is abrasion and corrosion resistant, perfect for sticky, highly corrosive environments. There are many grades of HDPE material – from low quality regrinds and recycled plastic to ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) material. Our Moxie roll is comprised of an HDPE material that is close to UHMW, but not quite as dense. This lightweight option speeds up the installation and maintenance of your plant, and requires less horsepower from your conveying system.

SpinGuard® Seal Technology

We like to call our SpinGuard Seal Technology the “secret sauce” that makes Superior idlers the preferable brand on the market. The design’s first line of defense is the contact seal, which creates less drag than a rubber seal. The second line of defense is the triple labyrinth seal, which makes contaminants travel a longer distance. The labyrinth is also grease filled to keep contaminants away from the ball bearing. The roller’s flat disc surface design eliminates material buildup and the stationary external seal helps to prevent material pinch points between the frame and the end of the roller. Finally, the centrifugal force chamber creates a self-cleaning effect, keeping water and dirt out.

CEMA Rating: C and D
Roll Diameter: 5″ and 6″
Troughing Angle: 20°, 35° and 45°
Belt Width: 18″ – 72″

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