Superior’s Mine Duty Idlers provide improved performance for some of the highest capacity bulk handling applications. The new double tube (DT) design features inner and outer tube construction giving the idler increased rigidity for higher load ratings. This design has a 20% higher load rating than CEMA, which improves service life. The inner tube insulates the bearing from vibration, reducing misalignment and increasing the life of the bearing. As the outer shelf wears, the inner tube maintains the structural integrity of the roller. The double tube models are available in belt widths up to 120 inches and are equipped with bearing sizes up to 60mm. The DX Idler is designed with a 30mm bearing and ¼ inch thick wall for added durability, specs that are unrivaled in the market. 

Idler Capacities

Class Bearing Size Diameters Belt Widths Single/Double Tube
CEMA D 25mm 5″, 6″ 24″-72″ Single
DX 30mm 5″, 6″ 30″-72″ Single (1/4″ wall)
CEMA E 40mm 6″, 7″ 36″-96″ Single
40DT 40mm 6″, 7″ 36″-72″ Double
45DT 45mm 6″, 7″, 7.5″ 54″-108″ Double
CEMA F 50mm 6″, 7″, 8″ 42″-120″ Single
50DT 50mm 7″, 8″ 42″-120″ Double
60DT 60mm 7″, 8″ 60″-120″ Double

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