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  • Grain handling boot pulley
  • grain handling chevron® boot pulley
  • grain handling galvanized idler frame
  • grain handling head pulley

While we’ve supplied components for grain handling applications throughout our history, the past few years have brought increased attention to this area, resulting in a new line of product from Superior. We’re providing a number of customizable grain handling idlers and pulleys specifically designed for use in elevator and export applications along with ship and barge loading and unloading. You may recognize some of the products on this page as Superior staples. Others, like our Grain Duty Chevron® Pulley and bolt-on lagging head pulley, are brand new. Each component includes the precise characteristics necessary for best performance in grain applications.

Grain Handling Idler Rolls

Moxie® Rolls

  • Holds up in corrosive environments
  • Optional galvanized frame
  • Optional stainless steel frame

Offset Idlers

  • Standard powder coat finish
  • 18″ – 96″ widths
  • Prevents belt pinching in trough

Head Pulleys

  • Static conductive
  • Vulcanized lagging
  • Oil and flame resistant
Superior Industries Grain Handling Boot Pulley

Boot Pulleys

  • Standard or spiral wrapped wing
  • Chevron® Pulley option
  • 24″ – 48″ diameters available
Superior Industries Grain handling Chevron® boot pulley

Grain Duty Chevron® Pulley

  • Optional contact ring
  • Round bar or flat contact ring
  • 1″ or 1-1/2″ round contact bars
grain handling single disc pulley

Single Disc Pulleys

  • Diameter: 10” – 60”
  • Heavy all steel construction
  • Standard Face Widths: 8” – 16”
Urathon return roll pulley for grain handling

Urathon® Return Roll

  • Wear life 3X longer than steel rolls
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Sheds sticky material
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