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  • Prevent belt slippage.
  • Take-Ups accurately maintain belt tension
  • Every design uses ACME screws.
  • Maintain belt tension.

Superior Conveyor Take-Ups accurately maintain belt tension in order to prevent slippage. We offer multiple models that cover a majority of conveyor styles and applications, including center pull, top angle, light duty, heavy duty, telescoping tube, and wide slot. All our designs use ACME screws, which have non-binding characteristics, resulting in less seizing and longer life. Each Take-Up model includes screw protection, preserving the heartbeat of the mechanism and reducing the potential of premature rust or other damage.

Bearing Type

Take-Up StyleSealMasterBrowningLink-BeltRexnordDodgeSKF
TUTTNP, MPVPS, SPB1000, PBEPB22400, EPB22400, C35ZA, ZEPSC, SCM, S2000, Type E, Imperial
TULD (Roller)NP, MPVPS, SPB1000PB22400, C35ZASCM, S2000, Imperial
TUHD (Roller)USRBVPS, SPB1000, PBE, SAF22500PB22400, EPB22400, PLBZA, ZAF, ZEPS2000, Type E, USAF, TAF, ImperialSAF
TUCP (Roller)TUE-920, ST-1000ZT-2000, ZT-5000Type E (TPE), S-2000 (WSTU-S2)
TUTAETPB-22400Type E (TPE), Type G (SC),Type GM (SCM), S-2000
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