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Sometimes, when we talk about our products all you might hear is “blah…blah…blah!” That’s why we created this page. It’s dedicated to stories from our customers. We want you to learn why they’re using our products and how their work environment has changed. We agree! It sounds better when they tell the story than us, so click below to explore. You can sort the portfolio to filter the list by products you’re interested in knowing more about.

rilite aggregates in Reno, NV

Low Water Washing

The Alliance™ Low Water Washer allows operators to wash crusher dust right next to their crushing circuit, eliminating hauling the...
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Wade Guardian

We’ve Got a Problem!

Jake Wade, a third generation owner of his family quarries, says he is such a fan of Superior that he...
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Elmers Alliance

Dry Feed Washing

Equipped with an Alliance™ Low Water Washer, a Michigan operation is able to remove a handling from their operation when...
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Hi-Crush TeleStacker

Portability Pays

One of the planet's most premium frac sand producers relies heavily on the in-pit portability of its radial telescopic conveyors...
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Traylor Bros

Dirty Jobs

More than 60-feet below downtown L.A., thousands of cubic feet of muck is being excavated from the earth and eventually...
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This overland conveyor is easy to get access to.

Zip It

Because it offers toolless installation and easy reconfiguration, Dakota Aggregates chose Superior's modular overland system known as the Zipline® Conveyor.
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to build a 500 foot overland conveyor that folds up to 84 feet.

Moving Mountains

Geneva Rock needed an energy efficient solution to transfer material downhill. Superior's overland conveying system met the need and returned...
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Moxie Rolls are retro fittable idler rolls

Rock and Rolls

Wayne Stallcop of TXI (now owned by Martin Marietta) chooses to reduce his operation's downtime and lessen maintenance costs by...
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Trailblazer® Conveyor in transport mode arriving at Newmont Mining Corporation's Phoenix mine.

Phoenix Mine

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The Navigator Return Trainer

Train and Maintain

Today’s top belt training technologies are automatic solutions that continuously keep the belt aligned, allowing the crew to attain that...
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Superior Industries Telestacker Conveyor at Carver Companies Marine project

Ship to Shore

Carver Companies made investments in highly-mobile loading/unloading systems to custom-configure offloading services and meet the needs of any project.
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Levin-Richomnd TeleStacker

Utility Player

Since they don't own their dock, this stevedoring company required extreme portability. It is crucial that they're able to quickly...
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lg everist using Superior Conveyors

From Train to Truck

L.G. Everist managed their plant's expansion by upgrading its stacker to a TeleStacker® Conveyor. Today, their transloading site reports a...
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Apex Sand and Gravel-51

Pop-Up Production

The total length of Nebraska's I-80 reconstruction project is 455 miles. That’s a lot of potential for one highly-mobile, nearby...
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fine material washer and a dewatering screen

Water Wise

Wissota Sand and Gravel reduced the moisture content in their processed sand from 25% to 8% by incorporating Superior's Aggredry®...
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Scottys Rail Unload

110 Tons in 45 Seconds

Scotty's Contracting & Stone opened a new rail unload yard in Vine Grove, KY. They expanded their plant with the...
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Our Chevron Pulley is the innovative alternative.

Get Peak Pulley Performance

Drawbacks of the standard or traditionally designed wing pulleys are significant, especially when compared with the latest v-shaped wing models.
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Hancock Concrete Glenwood Pit

Superior’s Own Sandbox

As one of a few manufacturers with its own quarry to play in, Superior gives engineers access to a fully...
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Saylor Creek FMW

Old School Service

Saylor Creek Sand often gets overlooked by the bigger guys. But, this family-owned operation says Superior always answers the call...
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a conveyor rolling on the river

Rollin’ on the River

Important to the efficiency of both material transport and the dredging project is the utilization of two TeleStacker® Conveyors. The...
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