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New Mobile Bulk Handling Solutions Debut at bauma 2013

We splashed into bauma 2013 to debut two brand new mobile conveyors for dry bulk truck unload, barge/ship load and stockpiling. Launching these products to the market allows us to take a huge step forward in our quest to become the leader in mobile conveying solutions for bulk terminal customers around the world.

Stingray-1 RazerLink-1
Stingray™ Mobile Stacker Razerlink™ Mobile Stacker
Cost effective compared to multi-million dollar investments in bulky, stationary machinery. One unit performs several functions: truck unload, transfer and stockpile/loading.
A camber shape allows for tight clearance, reducing material drop height and chute length. Feed method, mobility options and discharge style are designed to fit the application.
Portability at the feed and drive tire locations allows for rapid relocation from hold-to-hold. Common applications: barge loading, material transfer, railcar loading and heap leach.
Extend 30% more than similar units for fully trimmed hatches and clearance of infrastructure. Combines the technology of TeleStacker® Conveyor and RazerTail® Truck Unloader.